Private parties and banquets

Private Parties and Banquets

For banquets and private parties, the combined use of both the private Illinois Billiard Club and Bonnie's Dining & Banquet facilities has truly given new meaning to words like private parties and banquets. The visionary concept of bringing together the absolute best of two remote entities has written an entirely new and indelible chapter to be included in all four categories of American literature ... dining, banquets, billiards, and entertainment.

After dinner, when entering the private Illinois Billiard Club's museum and antique billiard room private party and banquet guests open two etched glass doors and travel back in time to the early 1900's and the golden age of American billiards. New friendships can be made and old ones enjoyed when party hosts socially entertain their guests when providing their own private billiard tournament or casual games of billiards ... much the same way elite party planners did over a hundred years ago when their high society guests arrived at their estates by horse drawn carriages.

Clearly, this one-of-a-kind dinner party and entertainment concept should not be summed up with an amused or indulgent smile. But rather provide some pages for a social historian all too clever and aware of the positive significance of this unique concepts sophisticated blending of a 15th century game with a 21st century society.

Glass Doors