Answers to the most commonly asked questions regarding:
Bonnie's Dining & Banquet facility and The Illinois Billiard Club

You can host a party anywhere, from your own kitchen, backyard or local restaurant's banquet room. However if you're interested in extending your next function to greater social heights and offer more than just a great meal, then you might want to consider "Bonnie's Dining & Banquets" and the private "Illinois Billiard Club" for your next special event.

Depending upon the type function Bonnie's offers both the charm of a one hundred-seat 19th Century Dining Room along with the optional fun-filled use of "The Illinois Billiard Club's" Antique Billiard Room.

For hosting special events, private parties and banquets along with off-premise catering Bonnie's is available to the public all seven days a week.

The banquet facility's 19th century dining room and café together seats one hundred and twenty guests. The Illinois Billiard Club's antique billiard room glows with historical charm and features three generations of antique billiard tables and spectator seating for 50 guests.

To safeguard the health and the comfort of their clientele and members both facilities have been non-smoking long before the State of Illinois incorporated its no smoking laws of 2008.

Bonnie's is available for private breakfast buffets, luncheons and dinners to suit both corporate functions and all of man's revered celebrations of life, ranging from weddings receptions to birthday and graduation parties. The Illinois Billiard Club is a private facility partially supported by annual dues paying members and not a public place of amusement and most certainly not simply a poolroom. Yet for an additional cost the club is available for private functions hosted in conjunction with Bonnie's banquet facility.

Depending upon menu, club rental, bar and pianist options, private functions range from $13.75 p.p. to $60.00 p.p. Typical functions service 25 to 80 guests.

With one antique billiard table the founding owners, Jim and Bonnie Parker, first began their private club in the basement of their Chicago home in 1974. Today, after moving to the country charm of Willow Springs IL and the founding of Bonnie's Dining & Banquets in 1990 their dream of hosting society's more affluent special dining and entertainment events collectively totals more than fifty-two years of having the good fortune of servicing a very distinctive division of our American society. A division interested in a quality dining experience along with providing their guests with the unique social bonding characteristics of fashionable billiard entertainment as seldom, if ever, before seen in America.

Further banquet and party information along with available dates can be found and sought out at or, by calling 708-839-5820. Menu and charges are subject to change without notice 03/08.